If you are like me, you have a hook in more projects than you care to admit.  Scroll around and take a peek at the projects  and patterns I'm working on. 

Top down Bee Keeper's Sweater


So far all the hard work is done on this sweater.  The planning, the math the sizing.  If all goes well, this pattern will be ready to launch in late November.

Fight with a Bear


This sweater is done but I have decided to make a second version.  I want to manually change the colors to see what I can create. This pattern has been written for one size, and testing should begin in the next 30-40 days.

Textured Purse


This is the color scheme and the stitches I'm going to use.  Right now I'm just playing with ideas, but once this comes together I'll post a more detail.  This will probably be one round bucket style purse and one flat rectangular style purse.

Bee themed project


So I have collected up all the yarn I'm going to use and am ready to start designing a Bee themed blanket, one wearable like a sweater or shawl and an accessory like a purse.  

Want to help by being a pattern tester? Awesome

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