I invite you to scroll through some of the videos posted below.  These are a few of the tutorials I have made and that are related to my most recent patterns. I also release video tips weekly on my Facebook page and Instagram and have more posted on my YouTube page. Enjoy.

How to adjust the size of your Green Leaf Market Bag

This is a quick, 3 minutes video that will show you how to adjust the size of your Green Leaf Market Bag.

Sunny Days bag, Row 5 of the top piece

This is a slightly different take on a chinless single crochet stitch.  Since it's not a common stitch, I demonstrated how it is used to make the slot in the top of the bag.

Sunny Days - Seamless Joining of the top to the body

This quick video shows how to attach the top of the bag to the body, using the seamless join technique.

Helen Sweater and Fight with a Bear video 1

This is how to get the linked stitch used in Helen and in Fight with a Bear.  This is video one. This was the first video I think I ever shot. So I will be re shooting this one in September.

Helen video two

This is the second video for Helen, that demonstrates how to change color and work increases in the linked stitches. This was one of my first videos show, and I will be re shooting this video in September.

Waterfront park part one

What yarn to select when making this shawl.

Waterfront Park Shaw part two

This is the tutorial on making the hardest part of the shawl, the first four set up rows.

Waterfront Park Shawl Part three

This video shows how to make the quad stitch clusters used in this shawl.