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This sweater was inspired by the sun’s rays. As I designed this  garment, I was amazed to see that almost every culture all over the  world had ties to a sun god or goddess. Several of our most popular  names, like Helen or Merisol all have their origins in sun god mythos.  The 28 rays in the collar are a nod to the 28 days in the solar  calendar.

In this garment you get the look of Tunisian but only have to learn ONE stitch. You don’t need a Tunisian hook either, just a regular crochet hook with enough space to hold 4-6 loops. 

This sweater is top down and made in the round, making it seamless.  The best thing is that you can try is on as you make it to ensure a  perfect fit. I have some tips in the pattern on how to get the best fit.

This has been sized from small to extra, extra large with to fit bust  measurements between 36 to 52 inches. The way the sweater was designed,  the color work is the same for each size, so you don’t loose the look  of the sweater as sizes change. 

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 Here is a link to The Fiber Seed yarn company.  I use their products because I love their quality and workmanship, not because they are an affiliate link.  I get nothing in return when you make a purchase, except to keep a yarn company I love in business.