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Bow Tie Cowl

Bow ties have the ability to finish an outfit in a way no other item can. It brings one part sophistication, one part whimsy. I don’t claim that this pattern does that, because that is a tall order. But I am trying! Only requiring one ball of yarn, and with a pattern written to highlight short color changes and you are free to pick up the most whimsical ball of the bunch and add a bit of sophisticated lace to your outfit.

The Bow Tie Snood is made all in one piece with nothing to seam together.

If you do decide to purchase a ball of Fiber Seed Sprout DK, you will receive a coupon code that will allow you to down load this pattern for free. Also, this color yarn is called the Knit Girllls, and 20% of the sale of this yarn goes to Pet Smart Charities.  


For reference, I am 5"1 and about 130 lbs.  The  finished product in DK weight yarn was 9" wide, 16" long and when worn hangs 9 inches from the shoulder.

Yarn Requirements

This cowl as shown was made with 210 yards of DK weight yarn.  I also had this pattern tested with 100 gram balls of Worsted  Weight and Sport weight yarn.  

Link to yarn

This yarn was designed to work with Fiber Seed's dipped yarn color ways. Their yarn is soft enough to wear close to the skin  and has enough nylon to bounces back from being worn in a "high traffic area" like cowl. This is not an affiliate link, I get no compensation from Fiber Seed.  I simply use yarn that best suits my projects and  produces a beautiful finished product.