There are some things you will notice about me right away; I’m a rebel.  I will always ask why and how.  I like to dig deeper, to tear things apart and rebuild them.  Just because this is the way it always has been, doesn’t mean this is the way it always has to be.

I grew up a challenged learner, with undiagnosed dyslexia and vision problems.  If I had been born today, doctors would probably place me somewhere on the autism spectrum.  I often had to figure things out my own way and  reverse engineer solutions that helped me learn to read, do math and successfully navigate my world.

Oh, and also like to make things as simple as possible.

I first fell in love with crochet on YouTube.  I was watching people create beautiful things, taking me back to when my grandmother taught me to crochet circles when I was seven.  I immediately went on a yarn binge.  And the books I read!  Hundreds of pages on a wide variety of techniques.

I didn’t just want to replicate, I wanted to create stuff.  I went through all sorts of patterns, but that didn’t really help.  I took online classes on the basics – but that didn’t really help either, it just made me a great pattern reader.  It seemed like designers knew some magic secret that I just couldn’t grasp.  That was when I decided to rebel against crochet.

I began to treat crochet as a visual art – not a pattern, not a gauge to be matched, not stitches to be counted.  My patterns are a process that can be taught, not a list of steps that can only ever add up to one particular sweater or shawl.

My goal is to give you access to that magic secret.  I oftentimes do away with yarn recommendations, gauge, and yes – counting.  I know this is pretty out there, but if you’re ready to hold your own crochet rebellion, let’s go!