why Crochet Rebellion exists

Love of Crochet


I love crochet and am motivated to share that love of craft with others. The way I choose to share that love, is through the patterns I write.

Expand Skills


My goal is to always expand my own skills. So you will see that reflected in my patterns and the range of techniques I use.

Create community


Create a global community, one person at a time, where we can share projects, tips and learn more about our craft from each other.

Who started Crochet Rebellion?

Marissa Kessler

Back in 2016 my then 7 year old daughter asked me to teach her how to knit. I did not know anything about yarn or knitting, but I figured since crochet only used one "thingy" and not two, it would be easier to learn. To this day, my daughter still can't crochet (what is it they say about mothers teaching things to their daughters) but from that time on I was hooked.

As I started making more and more complex projects and challenging myself I noticed a tred.  Knitted items were fancier or more intricate.  Knitted patterns had lots of color work, finer detail and just looked more finished. Yes, there are some great crochet pattern makers out there, but by in large  there was something missing for me. 

I began to make my own sweaters, blankets and shawls.  People began to ask for the patterns, complemented me on the colors and ask where they could buy that.  I spent about a year learning everything I could about garment design and pattern making before publishing my first pattern on Ravelry. And the rest is history.

As for the rest of my life, I spent the past 15 years as a corporate recruiter, focusing on engineering and manufacturing. I grew up in southern Californian but between being an active duty Marine and being married to one, I bounced around from Yuma AZ to Orlando to San Clemente CA.  I currently live in Beaufort SC, with my handsome husband Ted and my two kids, Isabella and Marcus. We have two rescue cats, George and Jerome and a Golden Doodle named Ringo.