Helen Sweater

This sweater was inspired by the sun’s rays.  As I designed this garment, I was amazed to see that almost every culture all over the world had ties to the sun god or goddess.  Several of our most popular names, like Helen or Merisol all have their origins in sun god mythos. The 28 rays in the collar are a nod to the 28 days in the solar calendar.

I’ve always wanted to try Tunisian crochet.  It makes glorious fabric, that is almost hard to believe is crotched.  That said, I’ve have had a set of Tunisian hooks and I’m sorry to say that they are collecting dust.  I want the look of Tunisian, without having to an entirely new way of crocheting.  In this garment, you will get the look of Tunisian crochet, however you will only have to learnClose up fabric with logo ONE new stitch.

This sweater is made in one piece.  Once you are done, you will have 1 seam and then your ready to wear it.

This is also a top down sweater.  You can try it one as you make it and I give plenty of sizing tips in the pattern itself.

If you’d like to purchase this pattern feel free to follow the link over to my Ravelry page.  you don’t have to be a member to purchase it. This pattern is set for sizes small to size extra, extra large.  I give lots of tips about fit and since this is a top down sweater.

I do have this pattern on Ravelry for sale, for $10.00.  You don’t have to be a member to purchase it and download the PDF.

If you some help with the basic stitches I use to create this sweater I have two videos to help out.



Happy Crocheting.


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