Origins wrap


This project was inspired by a conversation I had about race and culture in the United States.  Yes, I’ll spare you the details. But it lead to each of the motifs I used in this project.  You will recognize many of them, but did you know that each one appears across different cultures and ethnic groups across different periods of time?  It seems that our shared love of geometry knows no bounds. While each shape might be the same, they each hold very different meanings depending on who you ask about them. I personally find that fascinating, and use it as a way to learn about others.

Each motif was designed to not just related to multiple ethnic groups, but they are created so that they can be used any way you wish.  They can be made into scarfs, pillows, baskets, purses, mochilas, place mats or as I did all together in a wrap.

Each mosaic is done in multiples of 21, that means you need 21 stitches to complete one repetition of the pattern.  These are seamless, so you can make them in the round as well as in rows.

I will put the diagrams a few of the motifs below.  However, for a full  formal, ad free pattern, with written instruction, color charts, yarn and color recommendations  please go to my Ravelry page.  I have it listed there for sale for 10.00.

This is a 17 page pattern, and when I say written directions, I don’t mean that I wrote to see the color chart. if you don’t like charts or can’t read then, I have each row written out stitch by stitch. The  charts are large, numbered and are easy to read.  


Chevron TIE fighterStitch FiddlePlateau moon rise


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