Football Snow Hat

I love this hat. This pattern is so easy that after you make one, you will probally have this memorized. This is also great because it takes one 250 yard ball of yarn to make one small hat.

If you wish to purchase an ad-free, PDF of this patter follow the click the buy now link.  This version of the patter is in a more standard format and includes directions for making this in DK Weight as well.

Test Drive:  This is a super squishy, thick hat. The ribbing makes this hat fit many different head sizes, from kids to adults. My husband loved that the hat could be made with a brim. My kids loved that it could be made slouchy and with a puff on top. I made this in three different yarns, and I talked about each one below.

Yarn: Dream, Classy in the colorway 240, Wisterious.  This is a 100% superwash Merino Wool. It comes with 250 yards in the hank.  I purchased this yarn at my local yarn store, years ago for about $22.00.  If you go to Dream’s website, you can still find this yarn on sale for $21.95, however they no longer make Wisterious. This yarn pushed this hat into the luxury gift category. The hand dyed color makes it one of a kind and it’s so soft and squishy, it’s a dream to wear. One hank made a small hat and after making the pomp, I had only 4 feet of yarn left.

Plymoth Encore Tweed in Hunter (3525) Pumpkin (T456) and Nugget (T100).  This yarn is perfect for this project and is soft and squishy. Even better each ball is a blend of 75% Acrylic with 22% wool and 3% rayon, making this yarn machine washable. These balls come in 200 yards, so I’d recommend purchasing 2 balls for the hat, and 3 balls if you wanted to make a matching pomp. You can find this yarn at for about $6.50 a ball.

The Red, Royal Blue and Tan hat was made with Patons Classic Wool, in Worsted weight.  My son loved these colors and he picked out the yarn from my stash.  Yes the hat is warm, and it looks fluffy.  This yarn doesn’t have the stretch or bounce back that the Dream or Plymoth yarn does. It is also a bit itchy and this yarn must only be hand washed or you will end up with a felt hat. So while this does cost $5.99 a ball and it would take two or three balls to make a large hat, I’d not recommend making this hat with this yarn.

Hook: The small hat was created with 5.0MM/H hook, while the two larger hats were made with 5.5 MM I hooks. The smaller hat can be made with 250 yards, while if using an I size hook, you will need between 280 and 350 yards of yarn.

If you need help with the first few rounds of this hat, how to do a front or back post double crochet or making a poof for the hat, here is a YouTube video to help.


Make a majic circle.

Round 1: CH 3, and place 23 DC in the circle.  Pull the Majic Circle closed. 24 DC total

Round 2: CH 3 and place 2 DC in the 1st stitch.  Place 3 DC’s in each stitch all the way around. Sl ST to the 1st DC. 72 DC total.

Round 3: CH 3. (this will count as the 1st BPDC) Make BPDC around the next 2 DC. *Make 1 FPDC around each the next 3 DC. Make 1 BPDC around each of the next 3 DC* Repeat until you complete the making stitches around each DC. SL ST top the 1st BPDC to complete the round. You will have 72 ST total.

Repeat Round 3 until the hat reaches the desired length.  For the purple hat, I completed 24 rounds.  For my husbands hat I completed 31 rounds, and his hat has a lip he can fold up.

Last round you place a single crochet in each stitch. This just gives it a finished look.


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