Why I create the way I do.

There are some things you will notice about me right away; I’m a rebel.  I will always ask why and how.  I like to dig deeper, to tear things apart and rebuild them.  I grew up a challenged learner, with undiagnosed dyslexia and vision problems.  Oftentimes I had to figure things out my own way, reverse-engineering solutions that helped me learn to read, do math and successfully navigate my world.  Oh, and also like to make things as simple as possible.

I first fell in love with crochet watching YouTube.  I saw people create beautiful things that took me back to my grandmother teaching me to crochet circles when I was seven.  I immediately went on a yarn binge.  And the books I read!  Hundreds of pages on how to crochet intarsia, mosaics and granny squares!

I didn’t just want to replicate, I wanted to create.  But it seemed like these designers I looked up to knew some magic secret that I just couldn’t grasp.  And that was when I decided to rebel against crochet.  That is when I began to treat crochet as a visual art – not a pattern, not a guage to be matched, not stitches to be counted.  My patterns are not meant to be simply replicated, but they are step by step guides in how to adapt what I have done to meet your needs, shape and yarn choice easily.

My goal is to give you access to that magic secret.  I oftentimes do away with yarn recommendations, guage and yes – counting.  I know this is pretty out there, but if you’re ready to hold your own crochet rebellion, let’s go!


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