A Walk in the Waterfront Park Shawl


This shawl was inspired by a hank of yarn that I fell in love with. The colors were beautiful and it sat on my shelf, in my stash because I couldn’t’ find the perfect way to show it off.

This design uses an unusual tall stitch, called a Quad. Because it is so tall, it easily shows off all the colors used in this yarn in 1 or 2 stitches. I sandwiched that very busy Quad stitch section between rows of solid or tonal colored yarn and it created balance. The final design was tweaked a bit, so that the shawl looks more like a pac-man than a half circle, making this a garment that is easy to wear and does not fall off your shoulders or need a shawl pin to stay in place. All these elements come together to make a garment that is all about the yarn and is easy to wear.

This shawl can be made in almost any yarn weight. I used Sock Yarn, because it fits my warm southern climate. If you want a more substantial shawl, you can use DK or Worsted weight, simply adjust the hook size accordingly. Because I have pointed out in detail how to adjust the number of rows and where the repeats are if you choose a different weight yarn, you will easily be able to figure out what row to end on when the shawl is big enough for you.

This shawl does have detailed direction for three different sizes ranging from 17 inches deep up to 35 inches deep.

If you need extra help with this pattern, I do have a YouTube video showing the first few rows and how to make the Quad Stitch.

The color I used is one that is hand dyed only for my local yarn shop, and it’s called Waterfront park. That exact color is not listed of the Fiber Seed website, but that have lots of others that are just as beautiful.

You can purchase the full pattern from Ravelry for $8.00.

I will also be adding a code that will allow access to a tutorial video for those who need a bit of extra help getting this shawl started.


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